AG Curling 2021-2022

Round 3 - Playoffs! - Feb. 28 to March 14, 2022 - Wins/Losses

As of March 14 - Complete!

Note, no ties are allowed in the playoffs. If tied after last end, each team throws a single rock and the closest to the button wins. 2. If teams records are tied after playoff round-robin is completed, winner is decided first by playoff record, ie. who beat who, then by the remaining rules defined in our new constitution! (I.E. previous round robin records, etc.)
See Playoff Standings page for tie-break decisions where teams are tied in Round 3 points!

So in the table below, each block is the playoff group, group A, B, or C. Each group of 4 teams fights it out and the team with the most wins in each group is the winner! But remember, whoever ends up as the Grand Aggregate winner cannot take the A division trophy!

Team Round 3 Points Group Winner All Round Overall Total Points
Smith A W W L (Grand Aggregate winner so not eligible to win A Trophy) 4   30
Lafleur L A W W A Group Winner!         4 Winner 28
Arthur L L A W                 2   23
Teillet W L L A                 2   20
Kovacs B Group Winner! B W L W         4 Winner 22
Martel         L B L L         0   17
Moor         W W B L         4   19
Gagnon         L W W B         4   18
Carnegie C Group Winner!         C W W W 6 Winner 19
Sanders                 L C L W 2   13
Degner                 L W C W 4   15
Roe                 L L L C 0   4
Key: Win 2 pts. Loss 0 pts. Blank -- Not Played Yet No ties in the playoffs!  

(How to read this table: To read a team's record, find the skip's name in the Team column and read across.)

Note: If you ever notice a result that is not correct on this or any other page, please let me know. Thanks!

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